E-stick with object recognition

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

Pranuthi Guthikonda | Kalyani yarramsetti

In this a detailed study about the design of a E-stick with object recognition technology for visually challenged people is presented, which could be the replacement of the many devices available in the market for blind making the overall system smart and unique in its capabilities helping the blind travel with more convenient means of life. The system is used to assist blind by providing him information about The approaching obstacle using a RASPBERRY PI, a microcontroller in which the object recognition algorithm is implemented. . The coordinates of a path from a given source to a destination are identified by making use of a LPS (Local Positioning System) the information about the objects which are analyzed by the RASPBERRY PI is given in the form of audio using Bluetooth communication between the device and an earphone connected to the user. The LPS and Bluetooth module are interfaced with microcontroller to carry out the functions making it the central hub of the system.