Jean Rostand | France

Gwendael DEMAMETZ | Valentin WIMETZ

Dryad is a customizable Artificial Intelligence, utilized both for personal and commercial uses as a smart learning ChatBot. It can adapt to various situations with its ever expanding knowledge and experiences and can either be an empathic companion with emotions or a smart assistant with strong logic. Its uses are various, ranging from disabled people helper to a company customer service bot thanks to its ability to recognize complicated sentences either vocally or written and to answer based on experience and context while learning patterns and users preferences. Adaptable to various platform, being available as a physical device using a raspberry pi or a virutal intelligence through a server, it is very portable so it can always be there when needed and is able to connect to various social networks platform to handle customer service, technical assistance or more complex needs like conversational games or data analysis. It will always stay up to date with the world data like the news or the weather to give a personalized output or a simple reading of your environment to keep you updated.