Dr. Pal (Pal)

Loughborough University | United Kingdom

Rohan Venkatram | Jason Owusu-Afriyie

The concept for the application (“Skills”) in development is a health app for the Amazon Echo Dot conversational interface. The aim of this application is to tackle health in general, but more specifically mental health issues with a particular focus on student well-being. Some of the features the conversational application would have include reminders for medication, mood conversations, medical records, meditation mode, suggestions for reading material on the topic and more. The interactivity is where the artificial intelligence comes in, where the user is able to feel more comfortable communicating with a friendlier interface that, in essence, plays the role of a therapist. Additionally, a mobile application will be created for the user to add extra information (such as health records, etc.) that will then be used by Alexa as a database. This mobile application will also serve as an “on the go” version of the chatbot.