Université Gaston Berger | Senegal

Papa Laity NDIAYE | Mohamadou Faye | Cheikhna Cheikh Mohamed Fadl THIOR | Ndeye CAty DIOP

Doctor'T is a doctor whose main objective is to allow any user to benefit from a free medical consultation at any time and wherever it may be by a Chatbot mechanism. Indeed Doctor'T will allow anyone wishing to do a consultation where she wants and when she wants. As a result of a question answer DoctorT will propose to the patient a number of solutions according to the answers given. If DoctorT makes the observation that the state of health of the patient is not serious; he can prescribe medication and thus his information in the patient's medical file. If any time the patient asks him the same questions DoctorT will contact his doctor. In case of emergency Doctor will be in charge of alerting the services; transmit the patient's medical data, or suggest a list of surrounding health facilities. On top of that the patient can ask him for the proper diets.