Disease Detection on Chest Xray using ML

Kerala Technological University | India

PRANOYDEV S | Martin Siby Mathew | Cheryl Mary Joyce | Justin Monsi

Our focus is on Health and well-being as the UN sustainable development goal. Millions of people die from lung-related diseases around the world. We want to do something about it. We are building an x-ray image classifier that can predict the presence of a disease from a chest x-ray. Our current ML model is an inceptionV3 classifier that has an accuracy of 68.2%. It can predict up to 14 diseases. eg pneumonia, lung nodules, fibrosis etc. Our dataset is a 45 GB worth of labeled x-rays that has 14 different diseases. We hope to make this data model into an Android app and iOS app so that it can help doctors perform better diagnosis. We hope that one day our app will save lives.