Digital notice board

Shri Vishnu Engineering College For Women | India

sai srujana podila | mounika naga | rishita charitha | chandini neha

Generally, there is a great problem whenever hearing challenged people are to be called in a crowd. During announcements it is very difficult for any individual to convey the information to them. Till now the data is conveyed through sign language. So to convey the message within the residence in a easy manner this project is proposed. The main motto of this project is to transfer information to each and every person. So dangle displays are used in every place which acts as a notice board. The components required for this project are mobile phone, GSM module, Aurdino controller and lcd display. The mentor sends the message through mobile phone to the sim inserted in a GSM module. This GSM module acts as a receiver and forward the data to the Aurdino. Further it is processed into other language and finally message is displayed. STUDY ABOUT NUMBER OF HEARING CHALLENGED: According to the statistics, there are approximately 28 million deaf and hard- of-hearing people in the world --roughly 10% of the total population. Within the actual ranks of deaf people, more than half reportedly use sign language on the regular basis.