Bilkent University | Turkey

Ayşe Kübra Taş | Turac Abbaszade

DeepTalk provides users deep conversations that would lead into the knowledge of the self. In other words , DeepTalk users are aimed to be those who are more conscious about themselves and those who are aware of their behaviors and their relationships with others. This is actually final aim of DeepTalk but at the beginning, speech and sharing needs of people can be met. As we all know, today, the conversation between people are very very superficial. People are not really talking about the real personal issues that is resulted in applying to a psychologist. In a way, DeepTalk is undertaking the position of a psychologist but the project should not claim that DeepTalk is achieving the same thing with the psychologists. The claim of DeepTalk is only providing deep conversations that is enable users to understand themselves better or we can say that, after now, nobody is alone, everyone has a confidant! At the background, however, some psychology techniques will be used. These are mainly basic listening and schema therapy techniques.