Colegiul National Bilingv "George Cosbuc" | Romania

Paul Bricman | Ion Orins

DeepMirror is a software application which is designed to mimic specific human interaction through deep learning algorithms. Ranging from emulating fictional characters to simulating customer support specialists, DeepMirror provides a wide spectrum of applicability. This variety provides a large market to disrupt, from entertainment to productivity, and many tasks to be automated. The provided chatlogs are conveniently used to train custom Long Short-Term Memory models which emulate one side of the conversation. We want to create an easy to use and powerful interface which allows both users and companies to create their own bots, for both personal and commercial use. The requests will be made through a secure API, so that both a web interface and a mobile application can be used, in order to best suit the user’s needs. The generated chatbots are naturally reliable, they will hold a conversation the same way anytime, thus being predictable enough for commercial integration and humane enough for personal usage.