Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Miguel Matawaran | Emmanuel Devera | Anne Fernandez | Harley Evangelista

We are widely aware of accidents occurring in the Philippines and abroad. And whatever the people do, it's one thing we cannot avoid. Without the evidence of the incident, there is no proof of who’s the one fault. One of the factor are that we can be accused of someone’s fault or sin that we are not guilty. The importance value of evidence, proof and resources in which to seek help are. If there is evidence or proof of the incident a person who is responsible for the committed incident will be able to caught. DashReportCome is a mobile application that can be used to report a road accidents, crime and fire incidents. The application can also serve as an evidence in times of involvement in a situation like accident. Using the proposed application, the user can send a picture or video footage of an incident to the proposed project’s website, which will be accessible to the government agencies of Makati City: Barangay, Police, Hospital, Fire bureau. The purpose of the project is to provide the client a system that could help them get a detailed events or incident report using the report of the user. Also, to provide the client an updated record of incidents that they could use in future purposes.