Universidad Carlos III Madrid | Spain

Ignacio Sanchez | Alvaro Saiz | Gonzalo Puig | Guillermo Lorenzo

COMMANDER (COMmunity MANager Digital Empathetic Responder) is a chat-bot capable of automatically answering to customers requests in Social Media, providing them a personalized feedback thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence. Oriented to Small and Medium Enterprises, COMMANDER can respond to any doubt, concern or need that clients post in Social Media or any other place online. It is based on a Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm that analyses the mentions to a specific individual or company in the Internet. With the help of a premade database with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and contact details (maintenance, recruiting, customer service), COMMANDER posts back and redirects the customer to the section of interest. In addition, it elaborates a periodical report with the processed queries for the user (SMEs). COMMANDER helps smaller companies with less human resources to improve their customer experience by providing an automatic customer support which leads into happier clients and better results.