Clever Order

Koc University | Turkey

Alper Toygar | Cuneyt Emre Yavuz | Ilayda Akkor

Today, worldwide food chains have a lot of workers for taking orders on their call-centers. In total, employing these people for call-centers is pretty costly. At this point, we aim to offer these food chains a better solution: Clever Order. Clever Order is basically a smart assistant designed for taking food-order. With Clever Order, orders can be taken by phone-calls or text-messages on web/mobile application. We are planning the use a chatbot which designed for this kind of conversations. After our smart assistant take the order, it sends the order to the related restaurant. If we think on the side of business partners, the maintenance cost of Clever-Order is much cheaper than current system and we believe that in the long term, all of the worldwide food chains realize that using chatbots instead of call-centers is pretty profitable. When they are looking for a proper technology, Clever-Order will be waiting for them!