Classmate Bobby

University of the East | Philippines

Clive Fuentebella | Chrystyn Gabrielle Bulatao | Ulyses Edcel Adrales | Jeremiah Punzalan

As students, we tend to multitask. We do one thing on top of another. However, that can be stressful and we end up irritated all day. With the aid to lessen the stress you feel, Classmate Bobby offers top-of-the-line features, along with your basic necessities, that would help to make your student life a more fun and stress-free experience integrated into a bot, a friend, that you could speak with. Our friendly classmate will be deployed as a free app in the Play Store of Android devices. In one simple installation, he could be of help to you and your daily life as a student. He'll be your time manager that will help you arrange your activities depending on time and priority. He'll be your coach that will analyze your productivity depending on your actions and advise you meaningful suggestions that might help. He'll be your note taker that will try to listen to every word that your professor says and jot down notes that you might need for review. He'll be integrated with these features and other items that you can experience once you have the application downloaded.