Chatbots for children

PES University | India

Priyanka Narendra | Priyansha Pathak | Shilpa Nair

With changing times, people are getting more and more isolated. This starts from childhood. And as kids are getting more isolated, they either involve themselves in too much social media, or too much video games, or do not involve themselves in anything. The idea is to build a system that recognizes the pattern in the child's online behavior and help strike balance between play and study. It will provide an intellectual stimuli by striking conversation on a topic that interests the child and slowly digressing to more educative topics and help the child learn and at the same time help improve his skill in his area of interest. And if the child does not engage in any social activities, the chatbot will divert conversations that helps the child become more social. It can also monitor the child's online activities and alert if the child is surfing any inappropriate sites.