American University in Cairo | Egypt

Mariam Hegazy | Youssef Eldemerdash | Heba Wagih | Loay Desouky

Our Chatbot is called Chatbotics. Our chatbot helps robotics and electronics enthusiasts, no matter their level, build their dream robots. From a small circuit like a relay circuit to a complete robot, our chatbot stays with the user step by step sending him/her sample circuits and suggesting required softwares. It also suggests the nearest vendors selling the needed components. If a user is working on a project that is similar to a competition’s requirements, it will suggest this competition to the user. Our chatbot, also, connects individuals working on similar projects together. Adding to that, after the bot learns the user’s interest, it will start suggesting project ideas for self development. This idea might give rise to similar implementation in other fields with similar chatbots; this is our basic future plan. This will help our technical community to grow. It is always better to spread awareness of technology within the community. Our idea will help beginners and even professionals to develop themselves technically. So, self development and technology is our main target in our project. Chatbotics is the tech teacher everyone needs.