ChatBot for Oversea Students

City University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong

San Kui Wong | Ka Hai Law

This will be a chat-bot that provide advice for students who study oversea advice.From choice of school to application of scholarship or advice for students who want to work there after graduation.And this target students who have a middle-income family background as these students often do not have money to go to the professional agency for advice.And the chat bot will also provide information about international competition ,intern and oversea interchange program for undergraduate students as well.And maybe its will arrange a study plan for students who want to pursuit a PHD in oversea(particular mainland student) and this chatbot will run like a paywall service to different secondary schools.And the agencies will also able to rent this service as well and maybe even customize their chat bot as well that if they have any special offer for their customers and the foreign study agencies can order an adjustments and this chat was aimed to assist the agent with the less experience as well . And so these companies can provide professional advice for students at a lower cost so they can lower the price as well.