Chatbot for Camden Council

University College London | United Kingdom

Leanne Cheung | Catalin Aioanei | Carlo Winklehake

As a public authority, Camden Council answers numerous “Freedom of Information” (FOI) requests every year. Our app is a chatbot application for the Camden Council that has to process, understand and reply to FOI (Freedom Of Information) queries from users, in a chat like framework embedded in the Camden Council website. We are working on a chatbot that understands FOI requests and finds out wether this particular questions has been answered before. Users can simply type in an FOI question and the chatbot should be able to understand and automatically look for an answer of the questions in our database, then return a response to the query. If the question is not in our database,  users can choose to place an information request directly in the chatbot. Our main goal in this project is to maximise the accuracy of this similarity analysis and embed this service is in a chatbot.