Chat-Bots to save lives

RMD Engineering College | India

Likitha rani P | Kavinaya A | Nandhini K

The idea behind the project is the collaborative use of Artificial intelligence and chatbots to save human lives by effective utilization of the currently existing technologies and including few additional features . It uses GPS tracker to track the location and if the user is in any remote or arid region where we cannot track the GPS system, we can track the user by using the cellphone towers .By using this cellphone towers we can detect the location. It uses the location based services to track the location. By using this LBS it sends the information to the nearby hospitals .Then it can immediately send the ambulance based on this data. Thus the lives of the human can be saved. It uses the Chat-Bots to give aids to the patient. It provides service continuously and keeps the interaction between the doctor and the patient.Then it can save lives. Hence it reduces risk in critical and emergency situations.