Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation | Malaysia

Soon Hong Chan | Marvin Chong | Ammrish Singh

Our project “Carriage” encompasses the value of hassle-free shopping with the creation of a smart shopping application that helps user track, remind, update and purchase appropriate amount and types of household products required time to time, from wide selections of brands and supermarkets such as Tesco. Then, have it delivered to their house automatically within a given set time frame. It targets individual such as housewives, stay-at-home parents or working adults with elderly. Machine Learning is taken into consideration as the application can track the volume, quantity, list of items purchased, then the usage of those item. The application will adjust/update the quantity and type for the next purchase accordingly using machine learning, with the item usage information as the basis of information to reduce wastage. The application is accessible on mobile devices such as smartphones and tables with the access to the internet connection. Overall, our project aims to provide users the ease of the household item purchase, with a smart application that track, remind, update and purchase appropriate quantity and list of items using machine learning, then delivered to their house.