Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Martha Salamat | Justin Omac | Brian Olores | John Ryan Pasaoa

Carkila is a mobile application will allow users – car owners and car renters – to either list a car or rent a car. This application will allow car renters to look for a rentable vehicle according to their preferences like location, price range, seating capacity, etc. There will also be a geolocation feature that will help car renters find rentable vehicles near their location. Another feature will allow car renters to make an offer or negotiate the renting price of the vehicle. There will also be a private chat feature where users can further discuss the important details of their transaction, so they can just communicate through the app. Carkila is a portmanteau of the words "car" which is the vehicle, and "arkila", meaning to rent. The proponents wishes to incorporate chat bots that will assist the users, automatic pricing, and intelligent matchmaking to provide the best option for both users.