Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Justin Besmano | Anna Alcaraz | Sammy Angot | Job Brioso

The application would allow to help all commuters by allowing to have an assistance during the span of their travel. The Bus TAP aims to: Provide relevant information regarding the location of a bus, condition of a bus, time of arrival; Provide a reservation system that would help the local commuters to book a trip for their travel; Connect bus companies to their customers by allowing the commuters to review and give feedback about their trip and locate the current situation of their commuters; Help users navigate their way around the route of the bus, the app will show the user's itinerary from the point of origin to destination. The app will also provide detailed itineraries to the user from an origin to a destination they input in the app. Furthermore, point of interest around the map of the vicinity of the bus’s route will be available