Building a Booking-Bot

The University of Nottingham | United Kingdom

Ashfaaq Damree | Tavish Bharvani

A bot which would make appointments and bookings. This includes: 1. Doctors Appointment 2. Booking a table at a restaurant 3. Hairdresser Appointment 4. Appointment for household repairs 5. Book a cab 6. many more. It will be able to automatically schedule, reschedule or cancel any appointment This bot will be a one-stop place for all users' appointment as the audience grows. The bot will use a planner type third party. The company provide a service will have access to it so they can monitor the appointment schedule. The user will receive an invitation event so it will automatically add it to their phone calendar. The design of the bot will make it simple for the easy use and understand The bot will get all the data required by the company, so different companies have different requirements. All the data will be saved on a sheet (for ex: google sheet) and shared with the company. This will help them to keep a record of all the appointment or booking made by the bot.