INP | France

Hounwanou Vignon | Attache William | Diochot David

Among the trends to follow closely in 2017, there is that of the chatbot, a tool that will revolutionize the customer relationship. Chatbots, or conversational agents in French, are not new in themselves since already, "chatterbots" appeared in the 60s. This sudden craze for chatbots is explained by recent advances in artificial intelligence (automatic learning, automatic natural language processing, etc.), coupled with the rapid development of messaging applications. Everyone (private, businesses, public institutions etc.) wants a chatbot. A difficulty will be to be able to access all the chatbots that will be created without having to install them on our phone. Our solution is to create a personalized chatbot which, depending on the need, will connect to another chatbot and be able to have its information. Custom because just like Snapchat Bitmoji, each user can create the character of his chatbot and give it a name. He can visualize on a map the surrounding chatbots and connect to it. In other words, a chat between chatbots!