Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee | India

Ujjawal Prasad | Harjot Singh | Karan Desai | Hardik Chauhan

An AI-powered mobile browser which answers questions related any document currently loaded in the browser. There are a lot of unstructured news articles present online with attractive headlines and the content not delivering to reader’s expectations, ultimately leading to wastage of time and an unsatisfied user experience. Also, every user wants to read some specific part and not the whole article. Our Solution: In order to tackle this we are giving a new dimension to news article reading wherein the user can directly speak out his questions and the application will directly point out to the required answer. In the context of any particular article reading, the user generally comes up with very similar queries.  In order to address this, we would generate some real time most expected questions for that article(FAQ) for the user to click and directly view the answer to it.