UCAD | Senegal

Vincent Diégane FAYE | Mamadou SAKINE | Mariama Ka | Yaye Khoury NDIAYE

BotTraffic allows it’s users to know the state of the traffic. Users can use the application to bypass the bottled roads, save time and save fuel, to know roads that are closed for work, possible accident, broken-down car blocking traffic, the most fluid roads to go from point A to point B. The application will be designed and built with the native language of Android and the Android Studio Framework. For the collection of data we will use crowdsourcing system. So the users of the application will generate content that will be useful for the others and that way, they can earn points. Two versions of BotTraffic will be published. The free version that will allow users to know the state of the traffic, the most fluid route to reach their destination and the Premium version will allow companies with whom we have partnership and the state to know the statistics on car traffic in senegal.