Boltel: Blockchain-based hotel check-in

Nanyang Technological University | Singapore


Hotel check-in is an intrinsic part of any travel, but the current process has a few issues. The waiting queue may be tiresomely long, and not all hotels are available on a 24-hour basis. Meanwhile, customer verification must be carried out using paper documents, and access to the booked facility is denied if such document is lost. Furthermore, customers need to trust the hotel to manage their sensitive information. Such long, tedious and trust-required process may discouragingly prevent the customers from having an enjoyable trip. From the hotel's perspective, this process is also costly in terms of manpower and productivity.
As a team with strong experience in Blockchain, we propose to resolve these issues with a Blockchain-based check-in solution. Smart contracts are deployed to automatically and securely validate booking records versus customers' identity. Using our solution, customers do not need to present or verify themselves at the check-in counter, and their senstive information is securely maintained in the Blockchain. Overall, it helps revolutionize the hotel check-in service, increasing both customer satisfaction and hotel productivity.