Bitcoin Service Bot.

National Institute of Technology Karnataka | India

Siddhanth Pillay | Siddhartha Chowdhuri

In recent years, the popularity of Bitcoins has surged. Bitcoins have emerged as a currency for safe and secure transactions and has been considered as a good investment option by many. Since the learning curve for bitcoin transactions is steep, we propose a chatbot which acts an interface between the user and the wallet. The bot registers new users and logs in new users. It acts as a common gateway for transactions by helping users transfer bitcoins among themselves. The bot can also give us the balance by summing up the total transactions and provides a log of the latest set of transactions processed. We plan to use Amazon Lex as a service for our bot which uses Amazon Lambda as an interface between databases and the bot. The bot will be hosted on a server hosted by Amazon. We plan to deploy the bot across a wide section of websites like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Amazon.