American University in Cairo | Egypt

Massa Tolba | Abdulrahman Diaa | Mohamed Nael | Kirollos Sorour

Problem Banking is one of the vital things everyone in the world has to do since people now are more aware about the time value of money. Each individual is nowadays obliged to deal with banks one way or another. However, a lot of banks, unfortunately, have a very bad customer services system. Nearly in all banks in Egypt, one needs to wait for almost half an hour if he/she needs to do a normal transaction or any simple operation. It is very irritating to waste so much time waiting to do a simple transaction whereas it only takes a couple of minutes to do the actual transaction. The members in our team have been wondering about how life would be if there had been an easier way to deal with the poor banking customer-service system. Solution Proposal Our team has been searching for a long while for a way to solve that significant problem, and we have come up with the idea of using AI at implementing a smart bot that can help the users to make all the operation he need regarding his banking issues within a few minutes from his/her smart phone. At the same time, this bot could help the user freeze all his/her balances in case one of his money cards was stolen. This bot is thought to be so secure that if your phone was stolen, no one would be able to know anything about your balance. This bot is expected to make a lot of lives much easier than it currently is.