Automatic Vehicle Monitoring

RMK Engineering College | India

sakaraithai bharathy.s | sowmya s | sujitha K

In present world, human population is growing bigger in its count. So the vehicle used by them will be more in number. Monitoring is becoming a big challenge. Hence efficient monitoring system has to be developed.The main objective of the “Automatic Vehicle monitoring system” is to manage vehicles. Maintaining records of vehicles and data are a complicated task in manual process moreover it is difficult to generate reports. Maintaining records of vehicles reports is much easier with “Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System”, There is a feature provided in this system to generate daily reports monitoring of vehicles can be done automatically. Whenever vehicle entered into the organization the in time and out time is noted automatically by the RFID device. It’s easier to maintain entries of vehicles in database automatically by software rather than doing it by manual process, with this system there is a possibility to maintain entry and exit times easily.