Automatic driving technology intensive learning club

City University of Hong Kong | China

Shuhui Ma | Zidong Cheng

Set up a club focusing on the sharing of autonomous driving technology and supplemented by training, where advanced autonomous driving technology and personal ideas can be Shared to form a decentralized community to solve the problems of autonomous driving..Through the mode of purchasing products and services, we sold the original single amazon self-driving suite together with our training service to the end buyer. It turns out that there is a huge demand in mainland China for this kind of foreign teaching hardware, but there are three problems as follows: 1..Most of the online data of the kit cannot be accessed in China 2.Most materials of the kit are in English, and the technical system is relatively large, so people have difficulty in learning 3..Without communication, it is difficult to keep studying by people themselves. In response to the above three problems, we withdrew from the model of package sales in line with our training and community organization model. The cost of this package plus tax in China was 2500 yuan..And we sell the training kit together with the community organization activities for 5,000 yuan.In this way, we can build the most cutting-edge autonomous driving payment community based on reinforcement learning, and meanwhile export the talents and knowledge of the community to the large car factories, the government's autonomous driving research part, and even the design organization of modern urbanization