Augmented Reality Intelligence

PES Institute Of Technology | India

Nikhil Nikhil | kushal Agrawal | Parth Sachdev

Merging two frontier technology such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence is a great way to interact with the world from shopping to Maintenance and finance to education it has lots of benefits, the combination of these two technologies is bridging the gap between real and virtual world. the outcomes of these technologies will serve as a benefit for Businesses and end User's. Our Idea aims is to provide better Customer Experience in the field of finance, Shopping, and Education. Artificial Intelligence is converting data into knowledge like nothing ever did before, and Augmented Reality is changing the concept of sight as we know it till now. When these technologies break the thin barrier separating them and seamlessly blend into a super-power and enabling force for business, personal, and public applications, the quality of human lives will undergo an unprecedented transformation.