Artifical HR

Lovely Professional University | India

sachin arora | Barjinder pal singh

In this current world nearly lakhs of interviews are conducted and nearly 100 of thousands are conducted in one month. Sometimes it is difficult for interviewer to conduct so many in such a short time. So companies use different algorithms or exams to shortlist candidates. Some times even best candidates does n't get selected due to defects in algorithms . But interviewer can't do anything they can't conduct the interview of every candidate to choose the best. This problem is increasing day by day because number of candidates is increasing day by day. Each year 800,000 engineers graduates from collages. But still companies fails to fill the jobs with good candidates. So solve this problem we are introducing Artificial HR. We does n't human HR to conduct interviews. It also remove partiality factor during interview. HR can be partial to some candidate by taking bride or some other reasons. Artificial saves time and money burn by the companies to conduct placement drive in the universities.