PES University | India

Sai Rohit S | Varun Ranganathan | Vishwas Sathish

Meet your one stop interior designer. How would it be if your designer could actually show you how your hall or your room would look immediately after you tell it what it needs? Adding to that, how would it be if it could patiently try out all the various combinations of colours and furniture placements? Well archiBOT is your all in one package for this. Talk to the bot, tell it your specifications and then watch your friend give you an image of what you asked for. Why? Capitalizing on the need for someone to patiently listen to you while you try out all the million combinations of designs for your house. How? By listening to all your specifications, that someone would give you how what you imagined would actually look like after actual image of what you put in words. Being able to directly connect to retail stores and submit the design and the specifications to them. To be able to get a price quote for the same. To make sure that they get in touch with you.