Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Ivan Jasper Evangelista | Dianne Erika Uy | Emmanuel Devera | John Matthew Fonacier

Agriculture is one of the big factors that boost the economy in various parts of the world, making agriculture a vital part of every country’s success. In the different areas, despite having large tracts of fertile lands majority are not used and left uncultivated, while establishing food security is a continuing and sometimes daunting struggle, not only because of global warming and other uncontrollable factors such as destructive weather, but also the lack of young farmers doing the job. The worldwide average age of farmers is around 60, which is increasing at an alarming rate, that is why the known solution is to automate some processes that farmers do. However, it is still for naught as relying one source of food supply could lead to detrimental consequences to the food security of every household. To help compensate for the lack of farmers, individuals who have no clue about farming must have a way to grow its own crop. The researchers wanted to incorporate innovation to the process of soil testing by creating a device that can assess the soil’s condition along with its Android application to provide soil analysis to the different areas of the world, on a global standpoint it will provide insight on different countries and its regions what crops they can cultivate in their area, while on the farmer’s and individual’s standpoint the result would in turn provide a list of crops that can be cultivated on that specific soil making it easy not only for farmers but also for individuals who are interested to grow their own crop, but to continually encourage people to use the device and the application, we intend to include an e-market for people who wants to sell agriculturally related products and a forum for people to communicate about different topics relating to agriculture.