ALZ-E Companion

Institut National des Sciences Apliquees | France

Ayoub RAHOUI | Saber ZERHOUDI | Mohamed Youssef BOUZAABIA

Alzheimer's is not a nightmare, it's much worse. A nightmare is only the fruit of our imagination but an horrible reality that one day explodes in our faces. Alzheimer's disease is classified as "dementia", accounting for 60% to 70% of the 47.5 million people worldwide. There is still no treatment acting on the cellular mechanisms of the disease. Current treatments are not curative and do not prevent neuronal degeneration and death. Moreover, the loss of self-control is distressing. Half of Alzheimer's sufferers have symptoms of anxiety or depression .It is the loved ones who provide the most important effort in the management of Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately, the weight of the pathology form them is overwhelming and can lead to exhaustion, distress . Therefore, It Would be a respectful solution if we provide a personalized companion for Alzheimer’s sufferers which can talk with them and understand their feelings. ALZ-E is an active chatbot that keeps Alzheimer sufferers active and engaged. In addition, ALZ-E seamlessly enables Alzheimer sufferers to use a vast array of technologies, including video chats, memory games and reminders to build a relation that helps them practice unconsciously a lot of exercises to maintain their memory and to get involved into constructive discussions in order to encourage them and let them acquire positive vibes.