Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur | India

Neel Palwankar | Zayan Shaikh

Alfred is an AI interface catered to make restaurants more efficient and automated while eliminating the possibility of human error. The chatbot is designed to take meal orders and schedule their preparation. It enhances the customer experience using a customized and innovative mode of service while making the business model more economical and simple for the restaurant. With a familiar and simple chat interface Alfred is always present at your table to service your requests. Alfred knows what you want like to eat based on your past orders and dietary requirements. Alfred will have the ability to have a touch interface for the user but most importantly will employ a chatbot to have a conversation and guide the customer through the entire restaurant experience. Alfred will result in a cheaper business model for the restaurants compared to hiring and managing waiters. With minimum hardware requirements for its implementation Alfred is extremely feasible for any restaurant.