Alexa for Nuffield Health

University College London | United Kingdom

Bharghavi Damodharan | Yung Chan | Ivaylo Stefanov

To use Amazon echo and create a voice-based system to enable members of the Nuffield Heath Gym to make class bookings. Other interactions include cancel books, making queries and checking existing bookings. The aim is to provide a more interactive and efficient way than the current online version to perform these tasks. To create a user-friendly and easy-to-use device, we are trying to make our application as interactive as possible. There is a chance that our application will be released into the market and that is why we have been getting feedback from potential users and have been gathering requirements. We believe the actual coding component of the project will take place immediately in January, once we have got the requirements from users and our clients. Overall, we hope to make it more fun for users to manage their bookings and perhaps we will add more features as we are developing the application.