AI Shopper

Mumbai University | India

Ankit Shaw | Swastika Thakur

The idea is about using Artificial intelligence and Data Science to helps users find the best clothes that suits them as per their requirement and fits perfectly from thousands of product on online eCommerce websites as well as from brick and mortar showrooms that partner with our service.; all this using a very easy to use automated chat interface. Not only this , the user can also place their order right while chatting with the bot through online wallets. The bot will not merely be a interface to fetch products and display on chat, rather  it will be an intelligent expert that will learn and grow as it's put to use and improve its service. It will be intelligent with its recommendations in order to give a personalized and rich experience to the user. With the chat interface it can also be deployed on platforms like facebook messenger, telegram and from within the app the user can chat with the bot about buying new clothes. From the businesses point of view this will help them provide a much professional and personalized experience to their customer. From the data generated they can recommend their customers clothes that the customer will like and end up buying. This will also increase the reach of brick and mortar showrooms. Customer data and feedback will help in price optimization from seller side. This will help in implementing dynamic discount offering. It will help partners plan promotions for users.