Nanyang Technological University | Singapore

Larry Lee Ken Ann | Peng Pang Boon Alex | Jervis Chan | Aaron Foo

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in making decisions is gaining momentum. In recent years there have been exponential developments in the field of AI where many corporations are raring to get a start on their own ‘AI’ products, to catch the wave as one might say. However, this can and has resulted in AI becoming surprisingly, very divorced from the user. Many companies employ machine learning via “Black Box” models where they attain indicative results without any explanation. As there exists many different supervised and unsupervised ways of training AI systems with Deep Learning and Machine Learning, companies are unable to evaluate the results aside from the fact that it works. They are not able to properly intervene since they do not understand how the decision was made. Users are becoming over reliant on AI’s capabilities even in dynamic environments, such as business, finance or the medical fields where the AI might not produce the most appropriate solutions. We believe this is an alarming and unsustainable trend. Fortunately, there exists a growing trend where explanation in AI (X-AI) is sought for, particularly in the way that AI-derived decisions impact consumers. Our application aims to catalyze the proliferation of “sustainable” AI technologies by promoting the direction of investments into “healthy” startups. These startups prove on record, to be able to produce AI that is transparent and explainable, to avoid ‘careless’ usage and overreliance on AI systems. Thus, by creating a marketplace for investments into such explainable AI, we can encourage the growth of better and more controllable technologies, aiding the shift of its development away from the rampancy of these complex systems.