Asia Pacific College | Philippines

Reham Snow Camama | Ma. Fevy Espinas | Julius Claveria

Ai-City is a mobile application that aims to satisfy safety, effective information dissemination and disaster preparedness of the users within a city in one single application. With the use of Ai-City, users will be more engaged with the support of Artificial Intelligence and Chat bots. With the use of such technology, it manifests the total user experience into another level, as the same time being aware, informed and prepared as a citizen. Users will be capable of reporting incidents through the application that directs to authorities, through this, it enhances awareness as a citizen. Being knowledgeable regarding information such as news, announcements, events and services as well as an interactive way of accessing landmarks and establishments. Users are also taught of how to be prepared in case of emergencies or natural disasters. The application also aims for the competitive advantage of businesses across the city as Ai-City being a marketing tool. Through this, it also satisfies the possibility of connecting business networks throughout. Ai-City being a community service application, business are also its stakeholders as the application makes way to bigger opportunities throughout businesses.