Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation | Malaysia

Darshanrao Kantharow | Amresh Chetty Annan | Nik Shafiq Sirhan Nik Kamaruzaman | Marcus Chen

AgroBot, the chatbot A.I that will help farmers in the future in terms of planning and executing any plantations beforehand to help reduce loses and risks taken by the farmers and to ensure that the farmers obtain optimum profit from the estimated budget given to them by the AgroBot. The AgroBot is designed to aid farmers who are not very experienced and lack expansive knowledge in the field of farming, mainly newer farmers, by providing them with sufficient information and advice to put them on the right path so that they will not have major losses by having to play the guessing game when it comes to deciding on crops and the many factors needed to be considered when beginning a plantation. The AgroBot will be able to help lower the burden an aspiring farmer has and ease their load when it comes to starting their crop plantation. Business people such as the service providers, plantation companies and investors will also taste the benefits of the usage of this chatbot because of the service and supply of requirements to farmers. This ensures the whole system which includes the end-users (farmers) and the business side of society gain benefits which will allow the country to grow in their agricultural domain.