Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal | India

Siddarth Venkatraman | Arihant Jain | Ananya Kaushik | Karan Khanna

In India, farmers are exploited or disregarded at every turn, and a lack of educaction doesn't help their cause. AgriBud is a chatbot in the form of an app that farmers can talk to to get in direct contact with suppliers of seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and some local officials they can get in touch with in case they need it. It also comes with meteorological data which will be presented to farmers through the chatbot in their local language in easy, digestible and meaningful form. It uses convoluted neural networks to identify crop sickness from images taken by the farmer's phone and suggests remedial measures for the same. It can also put the farmers in touch with crop medicine sellers. All this helps the farmers get through transactions without being cheated and at the same time help the retailers who are putting out goods at the right prices to earn more and encourage a nominal rate environment.