Aadhaar Browsing

Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology | India

Srivalli Chandana | Bhanu Prakash Parisa | Haneesha Jalluri | Srikanth Padmanabhuni

In Present World there is No security to anyone to share the data via Internet and Moreover number of Cyber crimes were Increasing day by day and Virus gets Effecting the whole systems company data and hacking is also one of the big hurdle for MNC 's , but to know who is main head for doing all these activities it takes lot of time, In mean while he may attack other Company systems data To overcome all these problems and to catch the main Person .Aadhaar Browsing plays main role in it. In this Aadhaar Browsing , we will create a common web page to all browsers. Whenever the Client opens any Browser this will be the default home page for them. For every time after any browser closes and opens it again this will be opened by default. This is the page which will connect to the government of that Country where the Aadhaar numbers or Passport details of the Clients are Avialable Here by using his Aadhaar number or Passport number and the mobile number that is linked to his Aadhaar or Passport number will be given as Input. Then this page checks the Respective Aadhar or Passport number and mobile number and Displays his Details. Later he checks his Details and proceeds by making his Aadhaar or Passport number as Username and Password as his wish.. Later he gets an OTP to the Registered Mobile Number. By this OTP confirmation the Registration Process Completes. By this Aadhar or passport number as Username and his password he use to login Every time he needs to Browse. By this whenever there is an Upload Occurred or any Hacking Occurred by him his Aadhar or Passport details will be recorded in the Database of that Particular website. By this the particular person can be known easily If the Registration or Login fails he will not be allowed to browse or do any action using Browsers.